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What to expect from your consultation?

What to expect from your consultation?



I ask you to commit to 3 consultations over an approximate 3 month period.

In my opinion, we can achieve much in that time and this achievement is the great driver for the

positive results I have had.It also enables me to remain in contact with you and act as a support system.

I can get involved as little or as much as you like within reason.


My belief is that we have to nourish, restore and repair not only the physical body but the intellectual and spiritual bodies too in order to optimise health and well-being.


The first consultation is approx. 2 hours long. I take a full case history and then energetically test you with my Asyra/Qest4. This often confirms the notes taken, but can also highlight thoughts, feelings and emotions that may be causing blockages that may be hindering the facilitation of healing.


From all the information gathered I deliver a personalised treatment protocol for you to follow.

The second consultation follows 3-5 weeks later. This consult is approximately 1 hour long.

We 'check in' and discuss the successes and failures and make adjustments accordingly. I energetically re-balance you using the Asyra/Qest4 and re-inforce the nutritional aspects of the plan. We then pay more attention to the lifestyle side of the protocol and discuss realistic programmes which involve the nurture and nourishment of the intellectual and spiritual bodies.


The third consultation is 3-5 weeks later and so is the second. 


If I feel you need further consultations I discuss this with you. Generally, my clients by then are well on the way to achieving their goals and choose to come and see me as and when. This is generally once every 3-6 months. I leave that up to them. I do find, however, my consultations present effective ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and are therefore preventative and extremely enjoyable! (So I've been told!)


For more information please feel free to contact me 

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