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This page is dedicated to all who have facilitated and help me go and create . I am suspecting this page will grow and grow. There is no rank or order except for number 1, which no-thing can topple. My connection runs through, over, above, in front and behind all these people and the love I feel coming from them and I , in turn, send to them is all that is needed. There are, of course, many others in my life but I want to especially acknowledge those who have pushed me into this next portion of my existence.



Mark Benjamin - without his continuous support, this path I am on would be far less fun and certainly more problematical. I thank you for being who you are and able to accommodate me in every way I can imagine. Saskia and Aaron Benjamin - for always bringing me back to a certain reality - one that I would never be without. You are a product of pure love and you amplify it everyday.


 David Fisher - another crazy soul that has trodden this path - I will be forever grateful for you allowing me the step up that I needed exactly when I needed it.


Sonia Revelli - You are my partner in all things ‘out there’ and woo woo and a little studying in between. Your pushing me into the unknown has been exciting demanding and never dull.


Nyelin Castleton - Thank you for taking the time each week to, ’come out and play’ You are The Brain!. I hope I have given back a few sparks to ignite further thought and discussion.Since your  passing in August 2019 I FEEL you now on many different levels - The Work will continue in Your Name.


Vivienne Constad - A huge player in bringing my practice to fruition. A kindered spirit -we have plenty more work to do together!


Simon Fox and Katalin Kertesz - A truly other worldly and brilliant couple - we also have plenty more journeys to explore -2 of the most talented people I have had the pleasure to encounter.


Ena Vie and Howard Lipp - the work continues. Thank you Howard for shinning a light on my religious leaning at a time when I needed it. Ena your words are wise and your voice is ........... there are no words in any human language that do it true justice.

Fierce Grace Muswell Hill - the best studio with the best energy and the most brilliant teachers - keeping me sane and flexible!



A special thanks...

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