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The Consultation



I have created in my clinic a CalmSpace for you , to allow yourself to regain the innate power and intelligence that you have and that may have become jaded. This inner strength is what is needed for YOU to activate the healing processes that we have in our body, in our mind and around our spirit. Once this is nurtured and nourished - all manner of possibilities can happen.


What to expect from your consultation is very hard to verbalise as it is a wholly holistic process.

It is also difficult for me to describe my consultation in words on this website, the reason being I am continually learning and expanding my knowledge base. During these learning episodes, I discover gems and jewels that I add to my protocols.


There are a few things that form the structure, however to the consultation.


- A full case history - this is how I get to know you and connect with you in order to produce your personalised plan that yields the best possible compliance.


- A personalised diet and lifestyle protocol. I do not advocate specific diets per say. My food and lifestyle plans are a change in the way you currently fuel and look after yourself and are permanent changes.


- A full re- balance energetically using my Asyra/ Qest4 device. Giving the body the information it requires in the form of frequency to obtain balance in the present moment.


- A personalised essential oil mix made from the ingredients that your body has asked for in the present moment. I have found that this ‘gift’ facilitates the experience and has immediate positive effects.



I have other ‘toys’ to play with in my toy-box and I use them  where I feel is appropriate.

I ask clients to commit to 4 consultations over an approximate 3 month period.l believe the body renews itself sufficiently within this time frame to offer a good foundation for the healing work to continue without me! If I feel you are not ready for this then I recommend more sessions - this is very client dependant.

The initial consultation can last 2 hours with the follow up lasting 60-90 mins.

I recommend that you leave your day as free as possible after the initial consultation. I have found ‘being in nature’ - walking in the park or woods or just being outside really helps the assimilation of the treatment. At the very least I ask you to rest for an hour afterwards to allow the magic to happen!


Many return every 3-6 months for a session -as a preventative and a ‘check-in’ 



The Consultation

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