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The Benjamin/Constad Protocol was developed by myself and Vivienne Constad - the UK's leading Cosmodic:ENS practitioner. Cosmodic:ENS is an intellectual device that returns to the body corrected data and methodology for recovery.

Vivienne uses her honed intuition and vast experience to facilitate the recovery process in her clients.

I met Vivienne in 2015 and from that chance meeting, we found many similarities in our practices. Most importantly we found that using  Cosmodic:ENS together with The Asyra/Qest4, amplifies and speeds up the processing that the body has to do while recovering.

The Asyra/Qest4 returns data to the body that it has asked for in the moment in the form of frequency and the Cosmodic:ENS returns the methodology in order for the body to use that information correctly, thus facilitating the healing process.

I use my Naturopathic Nutrition skills alongside this in producing a fully personalised lifestyle and nutrition plan, using food in therapeutic dosages, at certain times, to support The Work. Working together as a team on chronic and acute dis-ease has enabled us to  develop quite a remarkable recovery protocol.

The aim of the protocol is to return the POWER to the client so they can activate their innate healing systems. Many clients concentrate fully on the physical body and pay little attention to the Intellectual and Spirit body.

We are a complex matrix of energetic systems that are run not only by the food we ingest as fuel, but by our thoughts, feelings and E-motions.

Destructive behavioural patterns can build the framework for dis-ease to exist and by deconstructing these patterns we assist in removing the blueprint that allowed the issue to manifest.

As nutrition supports the Physical body, so meditation and yoga supports the Intellect and Spirit bodies.

In order to achieve cohesion inside and outside the Physical body, the triad of our being, as a whole, must be bought into alignment. Equal attention must be paid to each of these practices to attain the desired result.

Through my  Harmonic Resonance Healing training, I gained in-depth knowledge of a highly evolved system. I was fortunate enough to work directly under Simon Hinton who bought this advanced system to fruition. I use this practice to assist the client in shifting destructive patterns that may be holding them in a dis-eased state. 

The Benjamin/Constad Protocol always starts with a long and detailed first session with both of us. Vivienne reinforces the work on a weekly basis (the intensity is personalised and discussed per client), I check in, making necessary adjustments to the diet and lifestyle choices and energetically re-balance the client every 2-3 weeks depending on what we are working with.


We work together on this protocol as well as individually.

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The Benjamin/Constad Protocol

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