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Dani Benjamin, The Vital Sauce
Vital Sauce






"To connect deeply to source and be a conduit filled daily with power and light to share and deliver to all that will listen"

Dani Benjamin


"Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease"

Are You Ready...

If you are reading this you are already on the road to restoring balance to your health and lifestyle.


It all starts with a thought – recognising that there is an imbalance somewhere in your life,

whether that be physically, intellectually or spiritually is the first step.

You are here! and starting the enquiry into taking control of and optimising your health.


Some throw themselves into massive changes and some take baby steps, 

either way the road to optimum health is a long one filled with many steep climbs,

potholes and bumps as well as those beautiful open highways,

stunning views and glorious sunrises and sunsets. 





I am here to help you along this road.

I am a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Advanced Asyra/Qest4 and Harmonic Resonace Healing Practitioner.I have also added Magnatex Healing to my repertoire and am about to finish a year long, professional Compassionate Inquiry (CI) training with Dr Gabor Mate.

I practice from my clinic in North London and through vigorous case taking and bio-energetic feedback I formulate a realistic plan that fits with YOUR lifestyle.


My protocols are truly holistic and they are tailor-made for you. 


My main role is to educate and inform you in order to bring a balance to your life through correct diet and lifestyle. I believe in giving the body the fuel, the information, tools and the time it needs to heal itself through its own vital energy and I deliver a support system to maximise its effect.





After being in the fashion business for 21 years, in the middle of the night, whilst attending a break in at one of my stores, I suddenly woke up and smelled the coffee – or should I say green tea!


Passionate about organic food and natural therapies, this was the turning point that was to define the next phase of my life.


I had managed to reach my 40’s relatively disease free. Stress was probably my biggest issue – running a business and a home plus bringing up 2 kids and a few animals along the way.

I can put this good fortune down to 2 things:


  • A strong and robust constitution

  • A comprehensive use of alternative medicine.


This episode in my career offered me an opportunity to re-train and qualify a passion that has been with me most of my life – Natural medicine.


I graduated from The College of Natural Medicine in 2014 in Naturopathic Nutrition and went on to specialise in Bio-energetic feedback (Energetic medicine).


I am an experienced Asyra/Qest4 practitioner and build and develop my own tests using this truly enlightening technology.


Using bio-energetic feedback is a fascinating tool. It gives an immediate picture as to how balanced, stressed or weakened the body is on an energetic level. This aids me in fine tuning my rigorous case taking to deliver a truly holistic protocol for you that supports and nourishes you on the physical, intellectual and spiritual realms. This is achieved through diet changes, correct exercise choices and new and inspiring meditation and mindfulness techniques.


In my opinion, this is where most chronic health issues begin, in our energetic field as unprocessed trauma. This trauma can be as simple as falling over as a child and not receiving comfort, to as complicated as the loss of a loved one, divorce, uncomfortable family dynamics

or abuse in it's many forms. One must also address, unsupportive behavioural patterns that are carried through the ancestral line. These can form destructive default templates that can lead to a dis-eased state.

I have recently qualified in Harmonic Resonance Healing (see the Protocol Page). This addresses the unseen energetic blockages in the Electromagnetic Energy Field and produces and facilitates further progress into balancing the client in a truly holistic way.

As the true path to optimum health relies on harmonising the physical body with the intellectual body (thought processing) and the Spirit body (belief system). I lead clients through personal meditation techniques that are designed for their specific needs and level of practice. I continue to offer support and guidance beyond the boundaries of my clinic.

I completed Dr Gabor Mate's Compassionate Inquiry year long professional training in September 2023. This approach in aknowledging how the imprints of past trauma shows up in destructive ways in the present, has been a game changer in the healing process of my clients. It was the missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle.

I now have a busy practice bringing together energetic disciplines to help support clients through their journey to optimum health and to help prevent future ill health. 


I have also trained to be part of The Chrysalis Effect  – a network that supports and guides clients through their recovery from ME, CFS and Fibromyalgia. I also use essential oils that support my work. By testing the body with the Asyra/Qest4 , I make you a personalised essential oil mix that gives an immediate balancing effect to your well-being.


Dani Benjamin

Me (2).jpg

After three sessions and fantastic guidance and

"I came to see Dani as I was concerned about my low energy levels, hot flushes and how I might increase my sense of well being via nutrition 
support I feel I have
learned a great deal about what works for me.

Learning about how to take care of oneself on all levels,
is a long
term journey for us all, but with Dani'ssupportOverall, my gut (and therefore my mood) is happier, my energy levels are higher and my anxiety lower. I am better equipped to nurture myself rather than feel confused by all the conflicting information out there, so I feel more in control, and that's a good feeling. Thank

you feel motivated to persevere. She is knowledgeable, direct, and encouraging. She gets results.

MC Female 
(Facilitator in Social Care)


Contact me below  – I am based in Muswell Hill North London but I am happy to give home consultations. There will be an extra charge however for this.

Success! Message received.

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